Everything You Need to Know About solar Feed-in Tariff NSW

Solar feed-in tariff NSW

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Solar Feed-In Tariff NSW – What is it and Benefits of Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

The solar feed-in tariff is a kind of solar buy-back scheme that acts as a payment for the solar energy that’s generated by the solar panel feedback to the grid. Solar feed-in tariff NSW are very popular and an incredible utilisation of solar panels NSW wide installation. It is worth noting that the solar feed-in tariff is exclusive for the households and not a cluster. States across Australia have adopted their own ways of considering solar feed-in tariff. 

The increase in costs of electricity is the reason why many Australians are switching to solar energy as it offers more savings annually. Moreover, the recent decline in Earth’s health has been alarming. Add to that the fact that our natural resources of power are limited and we must preserve them. Solar energy is an alternative that is eco-friendly and highly sustainable. Additionally, solar panel installation lets the homeowner have a sense of control over electricity bills.

The solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds pays you for the electricity that has been unused by the household and is ready for consumption. 

The electricity generated by solar panels is stored in batteries and when required, the solar inverter converts it into a usable form (DC to AC). The excess electricity can either be stored or households have the option to send it to the grid and earn from it. The electricity meters shall record the excess amount of solar energy that was generated and sent to the grid. 

If your everyday energy requirements are met (including charged solar battery), then it is advised to look for a solar feed-in tariff as an option to utilise the excess energy. To earn from the feed-in tariff, it is best to speak to the concerned department and communicate effectively that you wish to share the excess electricity that’s been generated by your solar power system. 

Pro tip: Ensure that your power requirements are being met and there’s still plenty of electricity left, before sending it off the grid. 

Your Green Planet is a leading provider of solar energy systems that duly obliges with a solar feed-in tariff scheme. 

Getting the Best of Solar Feed-in Tariff

You cannot send the excess electricity directly to the grid, there are procedures required to get approval. When you are getting the solar power system (valid for solar panels Darwin, solar energy Adelaide and solar panels NSW) make it clear to Your Green Planet experts that you are interested in the solar feed-in tariff scheme. Since when you are at the agreement signing stage, you will have to connect with your electricity retailer conforming to the solar feed-in tariff and be informed about the price you will be paid for every unit of electricity you send to the grid. 

Here’s what you should ask your electricity retailer when opting for solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds scheme: Price you will be paid for every unit of electricity sent to the grid and if it coordinates well with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or any other relevant scheme your installation may be eligible or falls under. 

Here’s an idea for the solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds:

The Australian StatePrevious Solar Feed-in Tariff (in cents/kW/h)Current Feed-in Tariff (in cents/kW/h)
Australian Capital Territory9.5

New South Wales






South Australia






Solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds rates have been revised and w.e.f. 1st February 2021.

Solar feed-in tariff can be availed with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or any other scheme in place.

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