Going Solar Is The Best Decision You Could Make In The Times We Live In


Solar panel services in Australia are picking up speed. Here’s why a solar plan could be beneficial to you

Solar power is now not just what someone may suggest is good to avail of, but rather an emphasis on the current times we are in. Climate change has gripped the globe and there is no denying the fact that repercussions are unavoidable. With solar power being so talked about, it is essential to have a plan on the way ahead. Solar panel services in Australia are making great strides in this field and it is only wise to opt for green power.

What are solar panels?

To clear any misconceptions about solar panels, these are frameworks of photovoltaic cells. The sheets are made up of layers of semiconducting material. When photons from the Sun in the form of energy packets hit the surface of these panels it causes the electrons to be knocked out of their atomic orbits and this causes a flow of current. Solar power is thus generated without the combustion of fossil fuels, thus eliminating the greenhouse gases that are usually released in the energy process. 

What are the kinds of solar panels in Darwin and their grids? 

There are both residential and commercial solar panels that are available. The two differ in dimensions, where a residential solar panel has around 72 solar cells, a commercial panel has 96 solar cells. The two also differ in the duration that it takes to set them up. A commercial panel system taking longer than a residential one. The commercial solar system generates more power due to more number of solar cells. 

The grids are of three types. 

An on-grid system: The system operates on the basis of net metering. This an electricity billing mechanism that suggests that those who are producing their energy through solar power, can use it when they need it, instead of as soon as it is generated. From a financial point of view, this is a boon. Users can put the excess energy generated back on the utility grid, in the case of this grid system. However, grid-tied systems will not continue to operate during power cuts. 

In this case, the feed-in tariff would come into play. When excess energy is produced, it can be sent back to the grid at a feed-in tariff rate. For the best feed-in tariff NSW, usage rates and supply charges should be considered. 

An off-grid system: These systems continue to operate even in case of power failure due to the presence of the solar battery that stores the solar energy. An inverter is also present that converts the DC current into AC current to be used by the appliances in the home.

Hybrid systems: A favourite among people is the hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds, the net metering of the on-grid system and the solar battery of the off-grid system. Thus, the system is financially good due to being able to put the excess solar energy generated back on the utility grid, and also one has peace of mind that the power cut isn’t going to stop your home. 

What is solar panel rebate NSW?

The New South Wales Government has conceptualised a mission to have net-zero emissions by the year 2050. This can be achieved through solar power which is a clean form of energy. Thus, to encourage people to adopt this path, the NSW scheme offers incentives to those who go in for solar systems and solar batteries. 

When one purchases a solar panel system in NSW, they are eligible for the solar panel rebate NSW by way of which the cost on the solar system can be cut up to 33%. These schemes can greatly boost the way solar energy is perceived and adopted by people, and also acts as a boon for those who are looking to get the best out of their solar system. 

Your Green Planet awaits you. Take the first step towards a better Earth!

A solar company that provides solutions to those who wish to be part of the mission of turning the Earth green again, Your Green Planet is committed to making a difference. The Earth needs your help. Help it heal from the injuries inflicted by greenhouse gases, climate change, and disastrous environmental conditions. 

Solar energy is a clean and green form of power that enables you to live comfortably and well, while not endangering the Earth in the process. With the number of schemes that have been set up by the NSW Government, you can be assured the process is financially profitable too. 

Are you willing to help the Earth?

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