How Does A Solar Power System Work And What Are The Different Kinds Of Grids?

solar power

Solar energy in Adelaide is picking up in a big way. Are you part of the revolution?

If you have paid attention to the recent issues of climate change you may have noticed how the Earth is on the brink of a climate crisis and action is needed right now. 

Companies began realising this and this caused the advent of solar power brands that begun harnessing the Sun’s energy in order to produce electricity that could then power houses and industrial spaces. 

How do solar panels in Darwin work? 

A solar panel is a wonderful device that can do what was thought to be the impossible – convert sunlight into electricity. 

This is how a solar panel operates:

  • The solar panel is made of silicon photovoltaic cells. The Sun’s rays hit the panel and the electrons from the cells begin to move in the circuit. This movement of the charges causes the current to flow in the circuit. 
  • The current is DC electricity or Direct Current. 
  • A solar inverter NSW is connected to the circuit and converts the DC into AC – alternating current, which is the usable form of electricity. 
  • The switchboard ensures that electricity will be sent to the devices and appliances in your home. At any time, you can be sure that solar power will be used first for powering the devices and only when this isn’t available, will the traditional electricity grid be used. 
  • If you have heard about the concept of net-metering, it will be applied here. A bi-directional meter ensures records of the electricity being drawn from the traditional grid and that from the solar panels. The excess solar energy produced is sent back to the grid, and the homeowner can earn credits or if this is a company, they can begin to export excess energy produced. 

Solar energy is a lucrative option for businesses and while we are on the subject, there are various kinds of grids that are available. 

What are the kinds of grids and solar power systems? 

  1. On-grid solar power system 

This is an interactive system whereby you need not worry about dark days when the Sun does not show up and your solar energy is low. 

In this system, net metering is in play and during times where the solar panels are producing excess energy, the power is sent to the electricity company. On the other hand, when your home devices require that excess solar energy, it can be drawn from the electricity company. 

  1. Off-grid solar power system 

In this kind of system, there is no traditional grid or involvement of the electricity company. 100% green power is achieved through this. Solar batteries are present in the system so as to store the excess power and use it to power the home when the Sun is not at its best. 

  1. Hybrid solar power system 

This is a combination of the two kinds of the above solar power systems. 

  • Scenario 1: The energy consumption in your home or office space is lesser than what is generated through the solar power system. In this case, solar batteries will store the excess energy
  • Scenario 2: If the home or office space needs more energy than what is actively being produced through the solar power system, this requirement is fulfilled through the batteries 
  • Scenario 3: If the home energy requirement is less than what is being generated through the solar panel, and the solar batteries too are fully charged, this excess energy will go to the electricity company 

Where do you look for the best solar panels in NSW?

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