These Solar Energy Australia Schemes Make Buying Solar Power Systems Easier! Know About Solar Energy Australia Schemes! Read more!

Solar Energy Australia

Experience Big-time Savings on Electricity Bills With These Schemes!

The energy sector in Australia has witnessed monumental growth in the past years. Such growth has also introduced multiple solar energy Australia schemes. Two of the most popular of these schemes being the NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme. These schemes bring affordability to the solar power system. 

At Your Green Planet, we accept and work in accordance with NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme to ensure that you can avail the best solar panels in Australia. We appreciate your decision to go solar and our team of experts ensure a smooth transition to solar energy. Every piece of equipment is premium quality and bound to last decades when used and maintained adequately. 

The need for solar energy schemes:

  • Makes solar power system more affordable
  • You can create your own energy at home
  • The cost of using solar energy is lower than other forms of energy
  • Reduces carbon footprint 

The schemes are developed keeping Australia’s energy consumption needs in mind. Australia has wide geography and it receives more solar radiation than other continents. This works in favour of the solar power system installation needs across Australia.

The NSW Energy Saving Schemes 

Promoted as Energy Saver Incentive, the NSW Energy Saving Schemes is the NSW government’s scheme to make solar power installation affordable. The scheme was introduced in 2009 with the aim to reduce carbon emission. The scheme requires electricity retailers to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

The scheme has been developed keeping energy efficiency in mind. This is achieved by encouraging organisations that actively undertake projects that are intended to lower the consumption of electricity or can add efficiency to energy consumption. The intention behind introducing such a scheme is to help NSW businesses and families to save big time on electricity bills. The scheme immunises businesses and families from rising electricity prices. 

Eligibility for NSW Energy Saving Schemes

  • To avail the benefits of NSW Energy Saving Schemes, the applicant needs to be above the age of 18 years. The applicant must be the legal account holder or an authority in the business appealing for the NSW Energy Saving Schemes
  • Must submit their electricity bill to Your Green Planet for review and assessment of eligibility for the NSW Energy Saving Schemes
  • Give up old, outdated and not-so-energy-efficient lightening products for recycling purposes (everything included)
  • Must consent to the terms in the nomination form which grants Your Green Planet necessary rights to create and sell ESC’s that are created to replace old, outdated and not-so-energy-efficient lightening products
  • Must abide and respect all terms and conditions as stated in the energy-saving scheme

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The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Promoted as an Energy Saver Incentive, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme encourages the use of solar power systems to meet everyday energy consumption. Under this scheme, 

Your Green Plant offers free supply as well as installation of Standby Power Controllers (also known as SPCs), Chimney Balloons, Low Flow Showerheads and CFLs to eligible customers. You can also avail of LED Downlights at discounted rates at Your Green Planet. 

Know more about the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Why is the Australian Government Offering Such Incentives?

The latitudinal position on the globe and its dry climate make Australia ideal for solar energy utilisation and consumption. Solar power systems have been around for decades now and understanding the implications it has on our lives, the Australian government has introduced many solar energy incentives.

These solar incentives are carefully thought and are bound to bring affordability to your solar power system investment. At Your Green Planet accepts and acts in accordance with both, the NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme to ensure that businesses, as well as homes, are getting highly practical, affordable and the best solar panels Australia has to offer. 

We offer an exclusive and wide range of solar energy solutions. With power systems made exclusively for each state, rest assured of getting efficient, safe and easy to maintain solar inverter NSW. Selective offers may apply to solar inverter Australia purchases. Get in touch to know more.

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