Going Solar Is The Best Decision You Could Make In The Times We Live In

Solar panel services in Australia are picking up speed. Here’s why a solar plan could be beneficial to you

Solar power is now not just what someone may suggest is good to avail of, but rather an emphasis on the current times we are in. Climate change has gripped the globe and there is no denying the fact that repercussions are unavoidable. With solar power being so talked about, it is essential to have a plan on the way ahead. Solar panel services in Australia are making great strides in this field and it is only wise to opt for green power.

What are solar panels?

To clear any misconceptions about solar panels, these are frameworks of photovoltaic cells. The sheets are made up of layers of semiconducting material. When photons from the Sun in the form of energy packets hit the surface of these panels it causes the electrons to be knocked out of their atomic orbits and this causes a flow of current. Solar power is thus generated without the combustion of fossil fuels, thus eliminating the greenhouse gases that are usually released in the energy process. 

What are the kinds of solar panels in Darwin and their grids? 

There are both residential and commercial solar panels that are available. The two differ in dimensions, where a residential solar panel has around 72 solar cells, a commercial panel has 96 solar cells. The two also differ in the duration that it takes to set them up. A commercial panel system taking longer than a residential one. The commercial solar system generates more power due to more number of solar cells. 

The grids are of three types. 

An on-grid system: The system operates on the basis of net metering. This an electricity billing mechanism that suggests that those who are producing their energy through solar power, can use it when they need it, instead of as soon as it is generated. From a financial point of view, this is a boon. Users can put the excess energy generated back on the utility grid, in the case of this grid system. However, grid-tied systems will not continue to operate during power cuts. 

In this case, the feed-in tariff would come into play. When excess energy is produced, it can be sent back to the grid at a feed-in tariff rate. For the best feed-in tariff NSW, usage rates and supply charges should be considered. 

An off-grid system: These systems continue to operate even in case of power failure due to the presence of the solar battery that stores the solar energy. An inverter is also present that converts the DC current into AC current to be used by the appliances in the home.

Hybrid systems: A favourite among people is the hybrid system that combines the best of both worlds, the net metering of the on-grid system and the solar battery of the off-grid system. Thus, the system is financially good due to being able to put the excess solar energy generated back on the utility grid, and also one has peace of mind that the power cut isn’t going to stop your home. 

What is solar panel rebate NSW?

The New South Wales Government has conceptualised a mission to have net-zero emissions by the year 2050. This can be achieved through solar power which is a clean form of energy. Thus, to encourage people to adopt this path, the NSW scheme offers incentives to those who go in for solar systems and solar batteries. 

When one purchases a solar panel system in NSW, they are eligible for the solar panel rebate NSW by way of which the cost on the solar system can be cut up to 33%. These schemes can greatly boost the way solar energy is perceived and adopted by people, and also acts as a boon for those who are looking to get the best out of their solar system. 

Your Green Planet awaits you. Take the first step towards a better Earth!

A solar company that provides solutions to those who wish to be part of the mission of turning the Earth green again, Your Green Planet is committed to making a difference. The Earth needs your help. Help it heal from the injuries inflicted by greenhouse gases, climate change, and disastrous environmental conditions. 

Solar energy is a clean and green form of power that enables you to live comfortably and well, while not endangering the Earth in the process. With the number of schemes that have been set up by the NSW Government, you can be assured the process is financially profitable too. 

Are you willing to help the Earth?

The Future is Bright Because of Solar Power Australia Applications for Homes!

It’s high time you bring solar energy Australia into your daily lives!

We are always in a state of conflict when it comes to embarking upon a path that ensures a bright future for ourselves and for many generations to come! 

The good news? Solar energy in Australia is gathering a lot of steam in terms of usage in Australian homes, businesses and industries. In particular, solar energy QLD has become a forerunner in bringing ahead the very best of the various solar system Australia applications. 

After all, with the energy resources running dry and climate experts warning of a future with no hope, the call to take action is loud. A renewable resource like solar energy Australia is the key to ensuring a sustainable and bright future for all! 

Bringing solar power Australia into your living space!

This makes us wonder and ask ourselves:   what are we doing to play our role in this environment-saving aspect? 

Solar panels are at the crux of solar system Australia and without any shadow of a doubt, are the first step towards ensuring a sustainable and energy-efficient tomorrow.

Solar energy Australia is the #1 renewable resource for all!

If you are curious about why the concept of solar energy QLD was such a major success, then here’s why these energy-efficient sources are here to stay…

In Australia, we are fortunate enough to be treading on the right path towards a sustainable and green future. Both residential and commercial solar power Australia projects are growing at a fast rate with each passing day, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a better tomorrow. 

However, many solar experts argue that the growth rate of solar power Australia and the resulting solar system Australia applications in residential and commercial establishments isn’t fast enough. And honestly, that is indeed the reality. 

While the usage of solar power systems is undoubtedly on a rising curve, it simply isn’t going at the rate one would desire. This is something that even we agree on, based on our many years of rich experience in solar energy, solar power and solar system installations

The installation of solar system Australia panels

There are many benefits of having a solar power system installed at your place! Let’s check out some of these!

Environment friendly: Solar panels are eco-friendly for using the optimal amount of unlimited energy renewable resource from the sun without any direct greenhouse gas emissions

Enjoy massive savings from your electricity bills: For using solar energy, you will get to save a lot in your savings account by not paying the huge electric bills

Adds value to your property: Solar panels are an attractive feature which will increase the cost of your property by adding market value

The electric grid edge:  If your solar power system is connected to the electric grid, you can export and sell the unused solar power back to the electric retailer.

Low maintenance: Regular health-check and an occasional cleaning will lead to increase in the life of solar panels to 25 years 

Attractive government incentives for solar energy QLD: The Government of Australia supports the solar panel system applications throughout. You will be issued tradable certificates and feed-in tariff pays eligibility to generate and export the electricity to the grid

Renewable solar energy is the future of Australia

At the intersection of environmental issues, a search for solutions and a desperate need to ramp up resources, lies solar power. This green energy source has the ability to reduce emissions to an almost non-existent level and help curb the incessant pressure on non-renewable resources. 

Our solar panel QLD projects are making notable success stories as many homes are going in for these. 

The climate crisis is serious and this renewable form of power is touted as the most promising solution. 

Residential solar panel Australia installation for seamless nights!

A major problem with solar power was once its inability to be used or produced during the night. With the Sun being the major source of energy, this turned into a production problem. 

However, with the invention of solar batteries that now come in a variety of performance standards, this problem has been fixed. 

The solar batteries store the excess power that is produced during the day and this stored power is available for use at night. 

A boon for the solar power Australia industry!

Reducing electricity bills manifold!

A high lifestyle is what we live these days, and with prices sky-rocketing, the last thing on our wish lists is a whopping electricity bill. 

Our solar power Australia systems ensure that by bringing down the electricity consumed by appliances in the home, the costs of electricity drop down! 

The solar systems Australia are a favourite of those wishing to cut down on the amount they spend on electricity 

The great boon, in this case, is that when the appliances are not using solar power, they will automatically switch to traditional electricity. 

This eliminates the need for you, as a consumer or homeowner to constantly juggle between switching between the sources of power. 

Solar panel QLD has helped homes sell at a better price!

Rest assured if your home is equipped with solar panels, the market value increases manifold when you plan on selling it. 

This is due to the fact that installation costs of panels are a one-time investment and thus, a home that has the panels in place will not need much attention to the panels for at least another two decades. 

The simplicity of solar system Australia makes them a favourable choice

While going in for solar panel installations, reach out to a professional service that has serviced in this area before. 

We at Your Green Planet have installed a whopping number of panels in residential and commercial spaces across Australia!

Here’s what you should look for in the brand: 

  • Quality solar energy systems
  • Expert installations
  • Hassle-free services
  • Consultation by the specialists
  • Maintenance that does not disappoint
  • Tier-1 products 

At Your Green Planet, the mission is not just to provide solar panel Australia applications but to also educate people about how refreshing and innovative this form of energy is looking to be!

As more and more people take charge of their lives and go solar, we are certain that this concept will begin to be a trendsetter in the years to come! 

You can begin by installing your very own residential solar panel in your space. There are literally only gains that await and we can’t wait to hear how your experience was! 

The world needs you. Let’s put our best foot forward to minimise our carbon footprint on this planet!  

Call us to schedule a consultation or book an appointment for a session with the experts. 

We’ll be more than happy to clear your doubts and give you a thorough and comprehensive review of our solar panels.

Let’s join hands and help you go solar!

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5 Things that Happen After Installing Residential Solar System in Australia

Solar Power Solutions that are Exclusive for You! 

Recent years have witnessed a surge in the number of residents that going solar. With solar schemes such as Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, many households have been able to get their solar panels installed at affordable pricing. These schemes are aimed at covering major costs that are involved during a solar system set up in Australia by putting less stress on the homeowner’s pockets. 

Your Green Planet is an Australia grown solar energy service provider that has been brightening up living space for years now. Our team of experts have been highlight flexibility to ensure that you have the best solar installation experience, be it a solar inverter NSW or solar panels Darwin, Your Green Planet has successfully done it all.

This blog explores what to expect after getting your residential solar power installations done. In case you are looking for professional advice on which solar panel system you should get, contact us today and let’s discuss your possibilities! 

5 Things that Happen After Installing Residential Solar System in Australia

  1. Solar panels increase your home’s value: Solar panels make a home energy-efficient and contribute towards not only saving on electricity bills but also contribute to making the planet greener. This virtue of solar panels add more value to a living space as the new buyer or new occupant will be saving hundreds of dollars on electricity bills. Moreover, if you decide to sell your property, the solar panel installation will fetch a higher price in the market
  1. Guaranteed Return on Investment: Solar panels require minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning and repairs. Additionally, with scopes like the feed-in tariff, that NSW and other states offer, you can even sell the excess solar energy and earn money through it. With schemes like Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, you can save hundreds of dollars on installation and up-front costs
  1. Savings on electricity bills: Solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy throat the day and this energy gets consumed during the day while the excess energy gets sent to the grid and is used when the sun goes down. If a household ends up installing the whole solar power system viz., solar panels, solar inverter and solar batteries, the whole system makes the household independent from any sort of dependency on the grid. This largely minimises electricity bills
  1. Decrease carbon footprint: Carbon footprint is a result of greenhouse gases that are produced due to human activities. Solar panels are technologically sustainable and they do not produce any pollution-causing factors. Solar energy is a clean and green form of energy that is available in abundance. This takes off excessive dependency on fossil fuels 
  1. Freedom on using electrical appliances: When a household switches to solar energy, the dependency on the grid decreases greatly. This gives freedom to use electrical appliances without having to worry about massive electricity bills. Additionally, a household can even run multiple appliances at once without adding any extra charges

Your Green Planet – Your Partner in Going Green and Sustainable!

Your Green Planet is a leading provider of solar panels in Australia. We have expertise in dealing with solar energy and other energy-saving products that are efficient and easy to use. We provide excellent service in energy-efficient technology. Moreover, our experts are always on the lookout for exciting, rewarding and cost-efficient schemes that will help you save more!

Planning to go solar? Experience flagship solar system Australia services with Your Green Planet.

Answers To The Most Common Questions You May Have About Solar Panels

As solar energy in Australia picks up speed, you may have doubts. Here is information by the experts

Solar power is a boon to the world and you too may want to have some questions answered before you hop onto the bandwagon and have solar panels installed or begin using solar products. 

The most commonly asked questions about solar panels are answered for you by the experts. Solar energy Australia is gaining widespread prominence and you can get the best solar panels Australia has to offer! 

How many solar panels Australia do I need? 

One of the most commonly asked questions is how many solar panels you need for your home. Here is something that may help you to understand just how many solar panels Australia you would need. 

You need to know how much electricity consumption is done in an hour by your home. 

  • Check the electricity bill that will have a figure of the kilowatt-hours for the month 
  • Divide the figure by 30 in order to get the kilowatt-hours per day 
  • Divide the result by 24 in order to get the electricity consumption per hour
  • Multiply this figure by the peak number of hours for which your area receives sunlight
  • Divide the result by the panel’s wattage
  • You have your answer! 

How long do solar panels Australia last? 

The average lifespan of a solar panel is a period of 25 years after which they begin to lose their efficacy due to their absorption powers being reduced. However, 25 years is a good enough time period for you to reap the benefits of your investment in the form of reduced electricity bills from your solar panels Australia! 

In addition, you will not have to worry about another instalment any time soon. 

Do solar panels work in winter? 

Yes! Contrary to popular belief that solar panels may lose the ability to produce energy in winter as the Sun is out of sight, this isn’t true. In certain solar panels, the silicon that is present within the panel is coated with anti-reflective glass, causing heat to be produced. The heat causes the snow which may have settled on the panel, to melt, and this allows the panel to absorb the sunlight. 

Your solar panels Australia will work just fine in the winter. 

If you still need to be sure of this, you can get solar batteries. These will store excess solar power on days when there is sunlight and you can have plenty of stored energy for the winters. 

What direction should solar panels in Australia face? 

While the obvious answer to this would be that solar panels should face the direction of the sun to absorb maximum sunlight, it does require expert positioning to determine the direction of the panels. 

The installation is a long process, and to avoid mistakes in positioning it is wise to leave it to the experts instead of attempting it on your own. This way you can enjoy the best solar panels services Australia

The logic applied is, if the country you reside in is in the southern hemisphere, the panels should face north as their energy output will be maximum. 

On the contrary, if the country is in the northern hemisphere, the panels should face south. 

For Australia, the direction of the panels should be north-facing. 

How do solar panels work? 

Solar panels Australia have a material that absorbs the energy from the Sun. The material which is made up of photovoltaic cells is made up of electrons, a positive and negative charge. The Sun’s energy excites the electrons and causes them to flow, creating a current. 

This current is converted into a form usable to the home or office space and allowed to power gadgets. 

The solar batteries store the excess solar energy for a rainy day. 

How can I get in touch with solar panel services in Australia

Your Green Planet is your one-stop to all things solar. We believe that solar power is the future and has the ability to transform energy production and consumption. We also support energy saving schemes NSW

We offer a range of solar solutions curated just for you that will help you with your solar needs and getting a grip on the monthly electricity bill. 

When is the last time you did something for the environment? 

It is sometimes difficult to spare time from your busy schedule and plant a tree or take part in street marches or even for that matter be part of an organisation. But solar panels are your solution. 

This green power can change the way the world is suffering from the effects of a failed climate and environmental health. You can be doing your bit by simply getting a  solar panel installed today.

Rest assured you will be getting the best solar panels in Australia through us.

There are also wonderful energy saving schemes by NSW that you may want to check out. There hasn’t been a brighter time for solar panels services Australia! 
The time is now. The world needs change. It is up to you!

How Does A Solar Power System Work And What Are The Different Kinds Of Grids?

Solar energy in Adelaide is picking up in a big way. Are you part of the revolution?

If you have paid attention to the recent issues of climate change you may have noticed how the Earth is on the brink of a climate crisis and action is needed right now. 

Companies began realising this and this caused the advent of solar power brands that begun harnessing the Sun’s energy in order to produce electricity that could then power houses and industrial spaces. 

How do solar panels in Darwin work? 

A solar panel is a wonderful device that can do what was thought to be the impossible – convert sunlight into electricity. 

This is how a solar panel operates:

  • The solar panel is made of silicon photovoltaic cells. The Sun’s rays hit the panel and the electrons from the cells begin to move in the circuit. This movement of the charges causes the current to flow in the circuit. 
  • The current is DC electricity or Direct Current. 
  • A solar inverter NSW is connected to the circuit and converts the DC into AC – alternating current, which is the usable form of electricity. 
  • The switchboard ensures that electricity will be sent to the devices and appliances in your home. At any time, you can be sure that solar power will be used first for powering the devices and only when this isn’t available, will the traditional electricity grid be used. 
  • If you have heard about the concept of net-metering, it will be applied here. A bi-directional meter ensures records of the electricity being drawn from the traditional grid and that from the solar panels. The excess solar energy produced is sent back to the grid, and the homeowner can earn credits or if this is a company, they can begin to export excess energy produced. 

Solar energy is a lucrative option for businesses and while we are on the subject, there are various kinds of grids that are available. 

What are the kinds of grids and solar power systems? 

  1. On-grid solar power system 

This is an interactive system whereby you need not worry about dark days when the Sun does not show up and your solar energy is low. 

In this system, net metering is in play and during times where the solar panels are producing excess energy, the power is sent to the electricity company. On the other hand, when your home devices require that excess solar energy, it can be drawn from the electricity company. 

  1. Off-grid solar power system 

In this kind of system, there is no traditional grid or involvement of the electricity company. 100% green power is achieved through this. Solar batteries are present in the system so as to store the excess power and use it to power the home when the Sun is not at its best. 

  1. Hybrid solar power system 

This is a combination of the two kinds of the above solar power systems. 

  • Scenario 1: The energy consumption in your home or office space is lesser than what is generated through the solar power system. In this case, solar batteries will store the excess energy
  • Scenario 2: If the home or office space needs more energy than what is actively being produced through the solar power system, this requirement is fulfilled through the batteries 
  • Scenario 3: If the home energy requirement is less than what is being generated through the solar panel, and the solar batteries too are fully charged, this excess energy will go to the electricity company 

Where do you look for the best solar panels in NSW?

Premier business in Australia that deals with solar panels and other energy-efficient products and schemes, Your Green Planet is where you will find everything you need, to invest in solar panel services in Australia

We take pride in being a forward company in the solar revolution and helping brands and homes make their way towards a better world and even offer great deals for those who come under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.  

It is surprising that so many are still paying such high electricity bills when there are energy-saving schemes that are available. 

When you think of going solar, it is understandable that there are numerous questions you may have about the process and the decision. We at Your Green Planet are here to clear the doubts and help you go on with your decision to adapt to solar energy. 

There is no dearth of products or services once you make the choice. 

The professionals and experts are the ones who will be guiding you with this, and you will understand the magnitude of your solar plan every step of the way. 

Are you prepared to make the jump? 

Your solar journey begins here. Reach out to us today.

Equip Yourself With All You Need To Know About Solar Energy Australia

Various energy-saving schemes can get you the best solar panels in Australia!

If you are thinking about introducing solar energy into your household or office space, then you have come to the right place! You will be presented with several important parameters that you must be aware of.

It is a well-established fact that solar energy and solar power systems are the cheapest, cleanest and most eco-friendly way to bring sustainability and energy-efficiency into your daily life. These solar systems are the best means to enjoy massive savings in your electricity bills and not rely on the grid for your power needs. 

In fact, you can generate your own electricity from the solar panels, store it through solar batteries and even sell it back to the grid. Isn’t that amazing?! 

Making the best of solar energy in Australia

Australia has always been at the forefront of producing and using solar energy in its industrial, commercial and residential power needs and paving the way for an economic and eco-friendly way of life in the country. 

Another major perk of solar energy in Australia is the various incentives and rebates that the Australian government at each state offers to its people. Be it solar power rebate NSW or VIC, there are many energy saving schemes that Australians can avail of. 

So in order to make the best use of the various solar perks in Australia, you can use the government rebate to get the best solar panels Australia has to offer. The icing on the cake is the fact that these panels come with solar power systems that can be fitted on the rooftop of your home or commercial establishment, or as a plant in your industrial establishment, thereby deriving a free and energy-efficient source of power to meet the needs of the appliances, machinery and equipment in your living or working space.

Your Green Planet: Your partner for the best solar energy and solar panels services in Australia

Your Green Planet is a leading solar power system provider in Australia that has gained a prominent reputation all over Australia in offering unmatched solar energy and solar panels services in Australia over its many years of experience. We take pride in offering premier solar services for people looking to go solar and adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life wherein they make massive savings in their electricity bills. In addition, we offer a wide range of high quality and trusted solar products that are certified for use in Australia.

Our interaction and customer service is well documented for being nothing short of the best. We visit your property and undertake a thorough and detailed inspection in order to determine the ideal solar system set-up for your space and the number of solar panels that would be perfect to supply enough electricity for regular use and storage.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

How do solar panels Victoria work? It is a very common question and fortunately, it is very easy to understand! 

Basically, solar panels consist of an arrangement of photovoltaic (PV) cells on a plane surface. These PV cells get activated on impact with the impinging sun’s rays and generate an electrical current. The entire contribution of the PV effect generates electrical energy that can be stored by the solar battery and converted from DC to AC by the inverter, making it convenient for the power needs of your household appliances. 

What makes up a Solar System?

The solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter are the essential components of a solar power system that have made countless people from all over the world adopt it into their residential and commercial establishments. 

It is worth repeating that in Australia, people are completely invested in making the country a better place to live in. It would come as no surprise to you that the government focuses on several rebates and incentives to encourage Aussies to go solar and adopt solar systems for their power needs. 

Solar panels services in Australia that you can always count on!

With each passing day, countless households and workspaces are taking a step towards contributing towards a better and brighter tomorrow in Australia. As such, going solar is a major step towards opting for an eco-friendly way of living that paves the way to a  cleaner, greener and better tomorrow. By partnering with Your Green Planet, you take the right step with the most affordable and high quality of solar power systems that reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint alike. 

Furthermore, we also provide guidance for securing the rebates for various government schemes and are also a supplier of the best solar power systems for you and your power needs! Consequently, you enjoy massive savings, free and clean energy, and also make profits like you have never imagined before. 

So if you’re all set to adopt a high savings, high quality and sustainable life in Australia, you should reach out to Your Green Planet today! 
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Everything You Need to Know About solar Feed-in Tariff NSW

Leaders in Providing Quality Solar Panels Darwin, NSW and Solar Energy Adelaide

Solar Feed-In Tariff NSW – What is it and Benefits of Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

The solar feed-in tariff is a kind of solar buy-back scheme that acts as a payment for the solar energy that’s generated by the solar panel feedback to the grid. Solar feed-in tariff NSW are very popular and an incredible utilisation of solar panels NSW wide installation. It is worth noting that the solar feed-in tariff is exclusive for the households and not a cluster. States across Australia have adopted their own ways of considering solar feed-in tariff. 

The increase in costs of electricity is the reason why many Australians are switching to solar energy as it offers more savings annually. Moreover, the recent decline in Earth’s health has been alarming. Add to that the fact that our natural resources of power are limited and we must preserve them. Solar energy is an alternative that is eco-friendly and highly sustainable. Additionally, solar panel installation lets the homeowner have a sense of control over electricity bills.

The solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds pays you for the electricity that has been unused by the household and is ready for consumption. 

The electricity generated by solar panels is stored in batteries and when required, the solar inverter converts it into a usable form (DC to AC). The excess electricity can either be stored or households have the option to send it to the grid and earn from it. The electricity meters shall record the excess amount of solar energy that was generated and sent to the grid. 

If your everyday energy requirements are met (including charged solar battery), then it is advised to look for a solar feed-in tariff as an option to utilise the excess energy. To earn from the feed-in tariff, it is best to speak to the concerned department and communicate effectively that you wish to share the excess electricity that’s been generated by your solar power system. 

Pro tip: Ensure that your power requirements are being met and there’s still plenty of electricity left, before sending it off the grid. 

Your Green Planet is a leading provider of solar energy systems that duly obliges with a solar feed-in tariff scheme. 

Getting the Best of Solar Feed-in Tariff

You cannot send the excess electricity directly to the grid, there are procedures required to get approval. When you are getting the solar power system (valid for solar panels Darwin, solar energy Adelaide and solar panels NSW) make it clear to Your Green Planet experts that you are interested in the solar feed-in tariff scheme. Since when you are at the agreement signing stage, you will have to connect with your electricity retailer conforming to the solar feed-in tariff and be informed about the price you will be paid for every unit of electricity you send to the grid. 

Here’s what you should ask your electricity retailer when opting for solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds scheme: Price you will be paid for every unit of electricity sent to the grid and if it coordinates well with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or any other relevant scheme your installation may be eligible or falls under. 

Here’s an idea for the solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds:

The Australian StatePrevious Solar Feed-in Tariff (in cents/kW/h)Current Feed-in Tariff (in cents/kW/h)
Australian Capital Territory9.5

New South Wales






South Australia






Solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds rates have been revised and w.e.f. 1st February 2021.

Solar feed-in tariff can be availed with the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target or any other scheme in place.

Your Green Planet – Making Planet Earth Greener with Solar Energy Solutions

Your Green Planet is a leading provider for Solar Inverter and solar panels NSW, solar feed-in tariff NSW and surrounds provider, solar panels Darwin and solar energy Adelaide. Our experts have years of experience serving Australia’s energy needs.

Planning to go solar?

Do it with Your Green Planet! 

Now, Getting the Best of Solar System Australia is Easier Than Ever! These Energy Saving Schemes are Worth It!

Excellent opportunity for residents of VIC and NSW through these renewable energy projects Australia

Solar energy has quickly established itself as one of the cleanest, greenest, and most efficient forms of energy that can be used for a wide variety of applications to fulfill their power needs. 

Here’s why it has become so important for people to go solar:

  • With a large number of environmental issues thriving and climate change becoming more of an issue with each passing day, the need for eco-friendly sources of energy is bigger than ever. 
  • Also, the pressing issue of depleting sources of energy makes the demand for virtually infinite sources of energy all the more important. 

Want to get the best of both worlds? 

Solar energy is the answer to them all! 

The Sun’s right there… ready to give you incredibly vast amounts of energy for your residential and commercial energy needs. 

The surge in solar companies in recent years just goes on to show how vital this form of energy is to our planet and economy alike. Even the governments of various countries are introducing schemes that help people go solar (we will come to more on this later in the blog). After all, going solar is a monumental step towards embracing a cleaner and greener world by reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. 

The icing on the cake? Using solar systems for your household or business energy needs leads to massive savings in your electricity bills. This is one of the most popular reasons why solar power systems are such a hot special favourite among homeowners. It is of no wonder that many roof restoration companies offer solar panel cleaning services in Australia! 

And how do you achieve that?

Through solar power systems, of course!

Solar power systems are your key to making a brighter tomorrow.

So what is a solar power system all about?

Solar power systems are used to harness sunlight and convert it into a usable form of energy for your residential and commercial needs. 

Every solar system consists of three main components:

Solar panels

Solar panels consist of PV (photovoltaic) cells arranged in an array. These PV modules use light energy (photons) obtained from the incoming sunlight and convert it to electricity in the form of Direct Current (DC) It is worth noting that these modules use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells to form the solar panel array. 

Solar inverters

As mentioned, the PV cells generate electricity in the form of Direct Current. Now your home appliances cannot use electricity in DC and as such, the inverter converts Direct Current (DC) to the usable Alternating Current (AC). 

Solar battery

So solar panels need sunlight to generate electrical energy. So what happens when there is low or no sunlight such as overcast weather or rainy weather and at night? 

Well, when the PV cells generate electricity when the sun is bright, the surplus energy is stored by the solar battery located within the solar power system. During the event of a power outage, you can simply utilise the surplus energy stored by the battery for usage at your convenience. 

VIC and NSW! Amazing energy-saving schemes for you that will help you go solar!

A solar investment today will save you lots of money in the long run. It gets even better when you realise that the government will provide you support in making the investment easier for solar power systems in VIC and NSW. 

The Australian government has always been at the forefront of providing solar power system solutions to Aussies through excellent schemes. This is their effort to make solar energy accessible to as many households and businesses as possible, thereby making Australia a better and greener place to live in. 

This aim of this article is to present the energy saving schemes for residents of Victoria and New South Wales. Let’s check them out!

Solar Rebate NSW

If you live anywhere in New South Wales, the federal government is offering a solar panel rebate NSW which makes investing in solar panels a very fruitful opportunity. 

So basically when you buy a solar panel in NSW, you will avail of the solar rebate NSW which would reduce the cost of your solar system purchase by nearly a third and as such, you can experience around 33% of savings. 

The solar panel rebate NSW is composed of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Based on your location in NSW and the size of the system that you want to install in your household or business space, you will receive a certain number of STCs. 

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target aka the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program

People in VIC can avail of the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU), formerly known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is an excellent intuitive by the Victorian government to promote and encourage the utilisation of energy-efficient solutions like solar energy for residential and commercial establishments. 

Through this program, Victorians can expect to see their power bill costs go down considerably whilst reducing their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, one can get solar power system products and services with heavy discounts while ensuring that Victoria is a cleaner and greener place to live in. 

There are numerous solar energy and solar power systems companies that help support the solar rebate NSW and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme. 

We at Your Green Planet are a leading solar company that comes with years of rich experience and a team full of experts who can provide you complete assistance in purchasing the best of solar system Australia through our high-quality and reliable products and services. 

When you get in touch with us, our experts will visit your household or workspace to ascertain the scale and capacity of the solar power system convenient for you. After a thorough and comprehensive consultation, we will recommend the ideal solar power system for your space while ensuring that you end up gaining massive savings in your electricity bills each month while also being a proud, eco-friendly resident of Australia!

We will also guide you through the schemes and make sure that you receive assistance in receiving them smoothly and without any hassles. 

Australia! Let’s go solar and make this planet a better place to live in for ourselves and future generations! 
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Embrace Energy Efficiency and Financial Savings with the Best Solar Energy Services Australia!

Solar Power Australia for a better and brighter tomorrow!

We are aware of the popularity and demand for solar power systems all across the world. Particularly in Australia, solar systems are a big deal and with each passing day, residential and commercial establishments in Australia are taking up solar for their energy needs. 

The main attractions of going solar include the fact that not only do solar systems help in reducing the costs of your electricity bills, it also makes you a contributor in making the planet cleaner and greener, and ultimately, a better place to live in for the future generations. 

These solar power systems are ideal for both residential and commercial power needs, and many solar companies in Australia have been successfully addressing both niches for decades now.

Premier solar rebates Australia: Solar power rebate NSW and Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Australia wholly recognises the need and advantages of going solar. As such, the VIC and NSW governments are offering financial incentives by helping people purchase and install solar system Australia products and services easily. 

For residents of New South Wales, the government offers attractive discounts of nearly a third (33%) to purchase solar power systems for your home or workspace through the solar power rebate NSW

For residents in Victoria, the government offers attractive discounts through the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program, formerly known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

Through such wonderful schemes, people can avail of solar energy services Australia in a smooth, efficient and hassle-free way. Subsequently, they can expect massive savings on their electricity bills and also make their own contribution in making the planet a cleaner and greener place to live in. 

Your Green Planet: Your Ultimate Partner for Solar Power and Solar Energy Australia

At Your Green Planet, we offer the very best of solar energy and solar panels services Australia

We come with many years of experience in solar power systems Australia and have created a reputation for ourselves with our high quality and standards of products and services. 

We have a team of professional experts who are immensely passionate about making Australia solar. Once you partner with us, our team will pay you a visit in your home or workspace, take a thorough inspection of your space and consult with you to understand the scale of your property, your needs and expectations from going solar. 

Then our professionals will guide you through the existing schemes and direct our installers to set up your very own solar system at your residential or commercial space. 

BONUS: Enjoy Attractive Warranty Periods on the Best Solar Panels Australia

Our best solar panels come with up to 25 to 30 years of overall performance warranties, complemented with high performance and jaw-dropping savings on your electricity bills!

We provide the highest quality of solar energy Australia products that are ideal for your power requirements and living space. 

Going solar is a monumental step to making the future a wonderful and clean world to live in. The environmental crisis and climate change is real, and our government is making comprehensive efforts in contributing towards the cause. Switching to solar energy is a major step towards reducing our carbon footprint and pave the way for an eco-friendly way of life. 

Talk to us and let’s work towards saving lots of money for you while you can also proudly claim to be an eco-friendly and energy-efficient individual! 

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These Solar Energy Australia Schemes Make Buying Solar Power Systems Easier! Know About Solar Energy Australia Schemes! Read more!

Experience Big-time Savings on Electricity Bills With These Schemes!

The energy sector in Australia has witnessed monumental growth in the past years. Such growth has also introduced multiple solar energy Australia schemes. Two of the most popular of these schemes being the NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme. These schemes bring affordability to the solar power system. 

At Your Green Planet, we accept and work in accordance with NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme to ensure that you can avail the best solar panels in Australia. We appreciate your decision to go solar and our team of experts ensure a smooth transition to solar energy. Every piece of equipment is premium quality and bound to last decades when used and maintained adequately. 

The need for solar energy schemes:

  • Makes solar power system more affordable
  • You can create your own energy at home
  • The cost of using solar energy is lower than other forms of energy
  • Reduces carbon footprint 

The schemes are developed keeping Australia’s energy consumption needs in mind. Australia has wide geography and it receives more solar radiation than other continents. This works in favour of the solar power system installation needs across Australia.

The NSW Energy Saving Schemes 

Promoted as Energy Saver Incentive, the NSW Energy Saving Schemes is the NSW government’s scheme to make solar power installation affordable. The scheme was introduced in 2009 with the aim to reduce carbon emission. The scheme requires electricity retailers to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

The scheme has been developed keeping energy efficiency in mind. This is achieved by encouraging organisations that actively undertake projects that are intended to lower the consumption of electricity or can add efficiency to energy consumption. The intention behind introducing such a scheme is to help NSW businesses and families to save big time on electricity bills. The scheme immunises businesses and families from rising electricity prices. 

Eligibility for NSW Energy Saving Schemes

  • To avail the benefits of NSW Energy Saving Schemes, the applicant needs to be above the age of 18 years. The applicant must be the legal account holder or an authority in the business appealing for the NSW Energy Saving Schemes
  • Must submit their electricity bill to Your Green Planet for review and assessment of eligibility for the NSW Energy Saving Schemes
  • Give up old, outdated and not-so-energy-efficient lightening products for recycling purposes (everything included)
  • Must consent to the terms in the nomination form which grants Your Green Planet necessary rights to create and sell ESC’s that are created to replace old, outdated and not-so-energy-efficient lightening products
  • Must abide and respect all terms and conditions as stated in the energy-saving scheme

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The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Promoted as an Energy Saver Incentive, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme encourages the use of solar power systems to meet everyday energy consumption. Under this scheme, 

Your Green Plant offers free supply as well as installation of Standby Power Controllers (also known as SPCs), Chimney Balloons, Low Flow Showerheads and CFLs to eligible customers. You can also avail of LED Downlights at discounted rates at Your Green Planet. 

Know more about the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Why is the Australian Government Offering Such Incentives?

The latitudinal position on the globe and its dry climate make Australia ideal for solar energy utilisation and consumption. Solar power systems have been around for decades now and understanding the implications it has on our lives, the Australian government has introduced many solar energy incentives.

These solar incentives are carefully thought and are bound to bring affordability to your solar power system investment. At Your Green Planet accepts and acts in accordance with both, the NSW Energy Saving Schemes and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme to ensure that businesses, as well as homes, are getting highly practical, affordable and the best solar panels Australia has to offer. 

We offer an exclusive and wide range of solar energy solutions. With power systems made exclusively for each state, rest assured of getting efficient, safe and easy to maintain solar inverter NSW. Selective offers may apply to solar inverter Australia purchases. Get in touch to know more.

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Why Choose Solar Panels for Australia’s Energy Needs? Solar Power Australia Can Power Up From!

The significance of Solar Energy Australia

Solar energy is an excellent form of renewable energy. The photovoltaic cells present in the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into a usable form of energy. A solar power Australia centric system ensures that the available energy is effectively converted and stored adequately.

Australia has a wide landscape and its position on the globe makes it available to the highest solar radiation per square meter when compared to other continents on the planet. This magnified exposure to solar energy makes Australia ideal for any Solar Renewable Energy Projects Australia.

The significance of solar energy Australia is such that it impacts the development and adoption of it easier along with other natural resources of energy. It is estimated that by 2030 solar energy will become an essential form of energy in Australia.

Things to Know About STC Incentives NSW 

STC Incentives  South Australia Adds Affordability to Your Solar Power Plans!

The STC Incentive is available for people who are getting a solar panel for 100kWh. The solar incentives make it affordable for homeowners and commercial spaces to acquire it. The solar panels incentives in NSW are very convenient as it reduces the prices of solar panels significantly. 

Note that the STC Incentives are calculated per kWh capacity and can be different for home and commercial spaces.

Why get Solar STC Incentives South Australia: Top 3 reasons!

  • It makes getting solar panels more affordable
  • Easy to avail and safe for the environment
  • Valid across NSW

The incentive has been introduced to encourage residents and commercial spaces to switch to solar energy as their primary source of energy. Such an energy switch is eco-friendly and is bound to save money on electricity bills. The decision of switching to solar energy Australia has great implications towards reducing the effect of global warming and subsequently, on carbon footprint.

Get the Best Solar Panels Australia at Your Green Planet!

At Your Green Planet, we care about reducing burden on the planet. That’s why, all our solar services Australia are best in class and smartly designed for energy efficiency. Additionally, when it comes to installation, we inspect the area where solar panels are to be installed, letting us give you an accurate and transparent quote. Moreover, the inspection helps in understanding which type of solar power system can meet your everyday energy requirements.

We undertake a wide range of solar renewable energy projects in Australia and we accomplish them with smart and tactful solutions. Our solar services Australia are one of a kind and we are constantly working along with STC Incentives to bring the best solar panels Australia can bank on.

What makes solar power Australia so feasible?

Solar energy is a green and clean form of energy that is easy to process and use. Aside from that, the overall equipment set-up is simple and easy to maintain.

The three main elements of a solar power Australia installation:

  • Solar panels
  • Solar battery
  • Solar inverters

Once the solar panels have successfully converted solar energy into usable form of energy by virtue of photovoltaic effect, the batteries store them for use. The solar inverter converts the direct current into alternating current that can fulfil your residential power needs.  

It is noteworthy that solar power Australia systems produce enough electricity throughout the day and there’s a provision to store excess energy in the solar battery. Based on the requirement or when the sun goes down, you can use the stored electricity to light up your living space in the absence of the sun.

Planning a Solar Renewable Energy Projects Australia? Achieve it with Your Green Planet!

The decision to go solar comes with the ease of expert guidance and professional installation at Your Green Planet. We appreciate your decision to go solar and save big time on electricity bills!

We offer:

  • Professional assessment of the area where you are planning to install the solar power Australia system
  • Expert recommendations on products exclusively for your living or commercial space
  • Impeccable installation
  • STC Incentives APPLY

Let’s save the planet! Go green, go solar!

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