Feed-in Tariff

Several states have introduced Feed-in-tariff, which pays you for selling electricity to grid. The two common Feed-in-tariifs are

What is Feed-in Tariff?

Aside from saving on electricity bills, solar panel installations also help a household earn money just by generating their own electricity via feed-in tariff. The feed-in tariff is what a household or a business can earn by generating their own electricity. But this has to be done using eco-friendly methods that don’t threaten available natural resources. 

The feed-in tariff is the price an electricity provider shall be paying a household or a small business for the excess electricity units that are sent to the grid. The prices you will get through the feed-in tariff will differ from state to state. Note that every electricity retailer can offer different feed-in rates. This has been a growing trend in Australia and helps homeowners with a solar installation get a return of investment (aside from savings on electricity bills). The rates usually oscillate between 8c to even 12c per kWh. 

When you get in touch with Your Green Planet, we help you get prices that are reasonable and add value. 

For residential living spaces, the maximum export capacity is 5 kW (single-phase) and 15 kW (three-phase).

StatePeak time (cents per kWh)Usual time (cents per kWh)Non-peak time (cents per kWh)
VictoriaCurrentEnergy Australiafeed-in tariff12.59.89.1
Energy Australiafeed-in tariff(applicable from 1 October 2021)

The feed-in tariff has two main components that have been explained below

Feed in Tariff

A premium is paid to you for any surplus quantities of energy generated by your solar panel installation.

Credits will be issued for selling the excess electricity generated to the grid. This can be used against your electricity

Feed in Tariff

Get paid for the excess electricity that your solar panel installation generates!

This is regardless of the fact that the excess electricity goes into the grid or is consumed by your living space.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of the feed-in tariff? Here’s what’s next! Contact your electricity retailer to receive the benefits of the feed-in tariff. Be sure to be informed about the price for selling electricity to the grid during the process and before making the final call.

Important Questions to Ask When Getting Feed-in Tariff

Consider asking the following questions before making the final decision:

  • What price do you get paid from retailers for selling power to the grid?
  • What is the cost of electricity you purchase from them?
  • Have you been signed onto a premium of standard Feed-in-tariff?
  • What will be the form of payment for selling surplus power to the grid.? Cash, cheque on request?

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