Feed in Tariff

Several states have introduced Feed-in-tariff, which pays you for selling electricity to grid. The two common Feed-in-tariifs are

Feed in Tariff

Under Net feed-in-tariff, a premium is paid for any surplus energy generated by your solar panels. You get credits for selling excess power to grid and it will offset against your electricity bill.

Feed in Tariff

Under Gross Feed-in-tariff you get paid for every unit of electricity generated by your solar panels. Regardless of whether it goes into the grid or it is used by your household.

You need to contact your electricity retailer to receive feed-in-tariff. When signing agreement with retailer, you need to be informed about price of selling electricity to grid.

Important questions to consider about feed-in-tariff

  • What price you get paid from retailer for selling power to grid.
  • What is the cost of electricity you purchase from them.
  • Have you been signed onto a premium of standard Feed-in-tariff.
  • What will be the form of payment for selling surplus power to grid.? Cash, cheque on request ?