LG Solar Panels

LG Electronics has made a name for itself when it comes to providing superior quality and highly durable products. With a legacy of 50 years as a leading global technology innovator, the company has paved the way to groundbreaking technology to empower your living spaces.

LG Solar Panels

In 2004, LG Electronics ventured into the solar industry and this started LG Solar. 

As a research and a development-driven company that believes in creating products that are at par with current industry standards. 

With a prime focus on quality, durability, dependency and higher efficiency, LG has always created devices that are meant to meet your expectations while keeping environment safety in mind. 

With subsidiary companies including LG Chem and Siltron, LG is offering flagship products and services expanding from residential to commercial solar power needs. These products are highly advanced and will ensure savings on electricity bills. 


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