Trina Allmax Solar Panels ALLMAX – Our most versatile product

The Trina’s ALLMAX series is our pick for the most bankable solar panels due to its ability to generate higher magnitudes of energy despite space limitations. This installation is ideal for rooftops that have a space limitation problem.

Trina Allmax Solar Panels

As a highly compatible device that offers incredible reliability & durability, this brand is a solution for people who are looking for a system that is compatible with their other sun system requirements as well as module-level power electronics. 

  • Suitable for large scale installations
  • Reduction in footprint as well as installation time 
  • Is UL1500V/IEC1500V certified
  • Proven performance track record
  • Each product undergoes nearly 30 in-house testing to ensure quality & high performance
  • Offers PID resistance
  • Can withstand 2400 PA of wind load and 5400 Pa of snow load as well as hailstones at 35mm at a speed of 97km/h
  • Tailored for home and workspaces uses


Trina Allmax Solar Brochure
Trina warranty

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