NSW Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW energy savings scheme (ESS) scheme is a NSW Government initiative promoted as Energy Saver Incentive.


ESS was introduced on the 01/07/2009 by the NSW Government to help reduce CO2 emissions by improving energy efficiency. Under ESS all electricity retailers must reduce their CO2 emissions by a set amount of equivalent of CO2

Tonnes (CO2t-e). If an electricity retailer fails to reduce their CO2 emissions as required they are liable to pay a fine.

To offset their emissions energy retailers can purchase ‘carbos credits’ known as Energy Savings Certificates or ESCs. One ESC represents one tonne of CO2 saved.

It is designed to increase opportunities to improve energy efficiency by rewarding companies who undertake eligible projects that either reduce electricity consumption or improve the efficiency of energy use.  Reducing electricity use will help NSW families and businesses to save money on their power bills and will shield customers from rising electricity prices and from future electricity price increases.

How we can help?

At Your Green Planet we think conservation of water and energy is a much better way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Under the “Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)” Your Green Planet is offering eligible Commercial customers the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting products (T5 Adapters, CFL & LED Downlights, Shoplights, Flood Lights, Track Lights High-bays & T5 Troffers) in NSW.

By using Energy Efficient Lighting businesses could save hundreds of dollars each year in electricity bills.

The aim of the Energy Savings Scheme is to uptake of approved enrgy efficient technologies by creating a healthy financial incentive that would encourage businesses to actively seek to reduce their consumption of electricity.

Your Green Planet Commercial Lighting RESA (Recognised Energy Savings Activity) GHGR0102B/1 enables us to create ESCs (Energy Saving Certificates) by replacing existing energy intensive lighting equipment with energy efficient lighting equipment at commercial sites in NSW. Your Green Planet is able to apply the value of the ESCs against the capital and installation cost of the energy efficient lights. This can reduce these costs by more than 50% thereby dramatically improving the return on investment for businesses.

Engaging with Your Green Planet has delivered the majority of its clients a minimum savings of 50% off the lighting component of their electricity bill. In an era where companies are attempting to focus on their core business with a limites infrastructure these savings contribute positively to the profit and loss offering savings that don’t restrict the cash flow to small and medium enterprises. This ensures their committment to environmental protection as well.

The cost and  installation of Energy Efficient Lighting is discounted by carbon credits created under the  NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

For more information about ESS visit www.ess.nsw.gov.au


To participate you must be over the age of 18 and have an electricity account or be the legal authorised representative of an account holder or business. In addition, the premises must have:

  • Must provide Your Green Planet with the copy of business electricity bill
  • Must give away old lighting products for recycling.
  • Must sign the nomination form and agreeing to give Your Green Planet rights to create and sell the ESC’s created by the replacement of old lighting products.