Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as Energy Saver Incentive.

What is the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target?

The Australian government is always encouraging and coming up with incredible ways to reduce carbon footprint. The Victorian Energy Upgrades program is one such move that aims at helping Victorians to reduce their power bills significantly while also contributing to making Australia more green and sustainable.

The scheme aims at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by enabling residential as well as commercial spaces with energy-efficient products.

How Does the Program Work?

This initiative sets a Victoria wide target for saving energy. This is attained by making available energy-efficient products and services to both residential as well as commercial spaces at a discounted price significantly reducing the overall expenditure.

A provider that has relevant accreditation to issue this financial incentive can issue Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). These certificates are indicative of the savings on greenhouse gases production (the lower is the production of greenhouse gases, the more significant becomes the certificate). The number of certificates that can issue is largely based on this. It is noteworthy that you will get the price reduction or incentives based on market standards (varying) as well as the certificate pricing.

  • Only a professional approved incentive provider can install the products
  • Incentives for certain appliances might be available during the sale with the participating retailer
  • Always check that your provider is accredited and can handle scheme demands effectively
  • If you are looking for an accredited provider, get in touch with our experts today (Your Green Planet is an accredited provider of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target
  • The program is market-based which means the value of certificates can vary as they depend on supply and demand rates
  • The scheme is applicable subject to stock last. Once product/service availability has exhausted, you will have to wait until the product/services are available again for the scheme

Low flow showerheads

It is estimated that a single shower lasting 7.8 minutes can consume 59.8 litres of water which means an individual could be consuming 36,500 litres of water!

Keeping in mind recent concerns over the availability of usable water, a shower can be affecting your sustainability.

By installing a low-flow showerhead you could be saving more water per shower and contribute towards a more sustainable tomorrow!

A regular showerhead uses about 25 litres of water every minute while a low-flow showerhead uses as low as 9 litres of water for every shower! The difference is incredible and just by making this switch, you can save litres of water just by taking a refreshing shower!


Compact Fluorescent Lamp(s) are gaining popularity due to their cost-effectiveness (lower energy consumption) and the brightness these devices offer.

They are easy to install and do not require changing existing light bulb holders.

The only concern people ever had with CFL was the fact that they are super bright and not ideal for spaces that need dim lighting (bedroom for example). But thanks to modern-day technology, you can avail yourself CFLs with a brightness control feature!

  • CFLs need less power while having a longer life
  • New technology makes it possible to dim CFLs


To be eligible for this scheme, the applying candidate must be:

  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Have an electricity account or be the legal representative of an account holder
  • Be a resident of Victoria
  • Shouldn’t have an existing system
  • Must get their products/services from an accredited provider

Standby Power Controllers (SPCs)

A Standby Power Controllers (SPCs) can help save more on electricity!

Just by installing a standby power controller, you can reduce 99% on power wastage merely by identifying the standby and active mode of devices that are left on but aren’t at all in use.

SPCs have a built-in surge protection feature and they come in two different types known as AV and IT.

How SPCs help you save money and electricity:

  • Identifies when the TV has been cut off using the remote control and cuts all power directed towards the TV
  • Resumes power using existing IR remote
  • Works seamlessly to detect standby of TV, Stereo, DVD and other systems automatically

Things to know about an SPC:

  • The device can significantly reduce your carbon footprint
  • The system monitors power consumption patterns and cuts on electricity supply to save on bills
  • This device is suitable for businesses as well as homes
  • A maximum of 4 SPCs can be installed in a household (T&C APPLY)

Weather Sealing Activities (Door – Seals & Chimney Balloons)

Retaining heat during winters is a goal every homeowner tirelessly works for. But unexpected draughts can ruin the sealed heat levels while also allowing dust and noise to get into your living space.

This is where draught seals can be incredibly helpful by sealing all doors and windows. By mere sealing off, you can control your homes’ ambience while also saving on energy & money.

Air is a conductor of heat and can cause enormous amounts of heat waste. By sealing off doors and chimneys (especially the ones that aren’t in use) you can control heat loss by air significantly.

For the chimney, it is not practical to use barricades and they can cause structural damage. It is recommended to use a chimney balloon that is a specifically designed balloon that closes the chimney intermittently thereby reducing the entry of wind, noise and even bugs as well as prevent nesting of birds and bats.

The Weather Sealing Activities (Door – Seals & Chimney Balloons) is an excellent way to save on bills by controlling internal ambience during the winters

LED Downlights

LED or light-emitting diodes is another alternative to previously available lighting solutions.

The main difference lies in its building. Unlike light bulbs with a filament made of Tungsten (that break off in case of a sudden power surge or due to overheating), LED has light-emitting diodes that do not heat up or have electron movements to register.

This significantly reduces heating during use and eventually saves on electricity.

The advantages of LED:

  • Lesser power consumption but offers adequate lighting
  • Have a longer life than a Tungsten filament bulb
  • Ensures cold lighting
  • Doesn’t requires special light bulb holder installations

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