Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as Energy Saver Incentive.

Under the “Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET)” scheme Your Green Planet is offering eligible customers the free supply and installation of Standby Power Controllers (SPCs), Low Flow Showerhead’s, Chimney Balloons, Door – Seals & CFLs. LED Downlights are available at a discounted price.

Low flow showerheads

Installing a low-flow showerhead helps in saving water and energy.

A standard showerhead may use up to 25 litres of water per minute whereas a water-efficient showerhead may use as little as 9 litres per minute. By replacing your old standard showerhead with a low-flow showerhead you can reduce the water consumption of your shower and save money on water bills.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps are replacing more and more the less efficient incandescent lamps because they need less power and have a longer rated life. Some of you may now think that you don’t have the same advantages with these globes as you can’t dim them. This is wrong. New technology makes it possible to dim the CFLs.

  • CFLs need less power while having a longer life
  • New technology makes it possible to dim CFLs


To participate you must be:
  • Over the age of 18
  • Have an electricity account or be the legal representative of an account holder
  • Reside in Victoria

Standby Power Controllers (SPCs)

Installation of SPCs saves standby power consumption. Standby power accounts for 10% of home energy use.*

Installing a standby power controller eliminates upto 99% of your power wastage on Standby and Active mode from devices left on but not being used.

SPCs is simple to use.
  • Detects when you switch your TV off with the remote control, and cuts all power.
  • Resumes power using existing IR remote.
  • Works seamlessly to detect standby of TV, Stereo, DVD and other systems automatically.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • There is no need to change the way you do things to save energy.
  • Suitable for businesses and home users.
  • SPCs comes with a built in Surge Protection.
  • SPCs are available in two types – AV & IT.
  • A Resident can have a maximum of 4 SPCs installed in their house. (Conditions Apply)

Weather Sealing Activities (Door – Seals & Chimney Balloons)

Unwanted draughts in and out of your home steal precious heat in winter, and let noise and dust invade your home. Draught seals on external doors and windows help you control your environment and save energy and money.

Air leaks can waste a lot of your energy dollars. One of the quickest & easiest energy and money saving tasks is to seal the doors and chimneys (fireplace)  that are not in regular use.

A chimney balloon is a specially designed balloon that is used in a chimney to stop chimney draughts, reduce noise, reduce heat loss, stop bats and bugs from entering your home & saves you money.

LED Downlights

LED means light emitting diodes, and because it’s directional, it is a smarter, more efficient way to light a room.Rather than using fragile filament power that burns out easily, LED utilises the movement of electrons for power and light. LED bulbs stay relatively cool since they only utilise the diodes for light rather than relying on electricity such as to heat incandescent bulbs.

  • Draw low power consumption
  • Are long lasting
  • Are cold lighting
  • Are simple to use
  • Are better for our environment